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Enlightened Atmosphere Part 1/2: OSL-Workshop


Finally in spring 2018 i had the chance to travel to Augsburg and meet Roman from MassiveVoodoo again.

Again? Yes...Again! We have met on several workshops over the past years. Roman kickstarted my painting hobby with one of his famous 'beginner classes' and tought me not to only paint better but to enjoy life a lot more.
(Look forward to an upcoming post in several months (or years?) about my personal history of classes and journey of becoming an miniature artist.)

On Friday the 27th of April I arrived after an relaxing 5h travel with the 'Deutsche Bahn' and a short drive via taxi in the studio. Knowing that I will be here for quite a while I was happy to see Roman and some of the other students of the upcoming class already painting and in a brilliant mood.

This was the moment where i realized that this journey and spending my vacation will be worthwhile and very rewarding both in terms of meeting great people and finding disctraction.

Two great events where waiting for me:
  • Enlightment (OSL - Workshop):
    1 day of learning how to paint light sources like lamps or magical artifacts
  • Atmosphere (Prive Coaching):
    2 days of improving my personal painting abilities coached by Roman

Part 1: OSL - Workshop

I have to admit that since my last workshop i didn´t paint too much either because i was too busy (meaning i used my time for other hobbies) or i was not motivated enough. I was really happy that i got the chance to get into painting again and train my 'painting muscles and memories' for the upcoming coaching.

As you might know OSL stands for 'object source lightning'. Goal of the workshop was to understand  how a source of light near the miniature influances color and saturation. ...and of course on how to paint this on the mini itself.

To get started we were looking at some reference images of different painting and even some photos of romans miniatures (and spotted some small errors in Romans older paintings...we are all humans aye? Good to see everyone progress and learn!). We also discussed different types of light and where it needs to be painted in which intensity before we started getting into the painting....and everything in english (thanks Richard...we all know now who you are...). To be honest i think everyone had a ton fun and we had some great discussions!

In contrast to the beginners class Roman had chosen two miniatures from the board game Massive Darkness which needed to be painted. A small orb glued to the base serves as a generic light: clever idea to keep things simple and easy to follow yet intesting to paint!

The first mini was some sort of goblin warrior where we focused only on painting the OSL itself: no other colors or materials were painted. Roman showed all the details step by step and everyone was listening and watching carefully.

Attention Please: Roman shows the first steps.
Base colors and highlites: roman is blowing us away!

My goblin warrior: primed, painted source, light on miniature (finished)

After about 2-3 hours of concentrated work all of the students achieved a great results!

Getting serious now...moving from small to large...from the sneaky tiny goblin to the mighty dual wielding orc!
Following the same principles we already learned we now included different base colors and materials while still using the OSL. As i don´t want to spoil you the fun of taking part in Romans classes i just present you the results:

Great Results? Richard Approved! 

There is not much left to say beside: we all had a ton of fun! Thanks to all of you and especially Roman for being such a great teacher and host (more on this in Part 2).

Enlightened students!
Be prepared for reading about atmosphere in 'Part 2: Private Coaching' soon!

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