Montag, 12. Mai 2014

Painted Heroes for the Gaming Table

Time is running fast these days. Between work at my office and all the boring housework there is not much time left for painting...and there seems to be no time left at all for writing a short post.

What has happened since the last update?
  1. Finished a pirate from Freebooters Fate (sorry, no pics)
  2. Finished some new Descent Heroes which are currently played in a new Descent campaign:
Grisom, Lashlay and Wolf  (Steelhorns pet)
Mage Cwellin with summoned stones
    3. Furthermore I`ve prepared the following miniatures:

Legolas ( 75mm) and new Descent Lieutenants (already primed, better pics soon)
Legolas unpacked (soon assembled, cleaned and primed)


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